The secret diet of Salma Hayek to look amazing at 53 years


The actress uses a secret when you have to prepare yourself to look perfect on a red carpet

The mexican actress Salma Hayek it has a great presence before the public, his talent and his spectacular figure the have catapulted as one of the personalities most sexy and attractive of this generation, and it is to their 53 years keep on looking stunning.

But to achieve such a spectacular figure, the same Salma Hayek has confessed that he has to prepare, especially when you are about to parade on some red carpet or have an important event like the Oscars or the Golden Globes.

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And to show off those spectacular curves in front of the cameras, the handsome mexican who does not usually follow any strict diet or do a rigorous exercise, is subjected to a special diet and a routine of workouts short but intense to enable you to detoxify your body and look slimmer.

The veracruz enjoys walking, therefore, takes advantage when he pulls out to walk their dogs for long walks, in addition, has confessed that he resorts to exercises of intervals, intense bursts of about 20 minutes to keep your body toned.

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However, the wife of François-Henri Pinault has another secret. According to the magazine Vanitatis, Salma once in a while resorts to a diet of juices, in which for a couple of days only to be fed milkshakes that allow you to deshincharse and detoxify your body. “The purification of the body through the consumption of juices, for me, is like meditation: it helps me relax, to concentrate and to be aware of the positive reactions that you experience of my body,” he confessed in an interview.

In addition, it is known that this same interest of Hayek by the juices of the pushed to launch her own line of healthy smoothies, Cooler Cleanse, which is responsible for preparing and sending the drinks of fruits and vegetables necessary to those who decide to follow in the footsteps of the actress.

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The system, Cooler Cleanse is based on a set of six drinks, which you must take throughout the day, one about every two hours, and that in total add up to an intake of about a thousand 200 calories.

Also, the actress has indicated that he is a big fan of the famous green smoothie, which many other celebs tend to drink strictly in the mornings, and although it has not revealed its recipe, it is known that this is a bomb of energy.

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