The series key for the week of may 25


Next week we will be able to get on (or not) to the train ‘Snowpiercer: Rompenieves’, but also begin to tastar material HBO Max, available here at HBO, to dry, or discover the comedy cocreada by Steve Carell based on the concept of Space Force. A week lively.

Portrait of a pimp

After ‘The last dance’, the next obsession documentary brand Netflix could be ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Disgustingly rich’, history of the life and crimes of the fund manager is charged with sexual exploitation of minors. The series draw a map of their connections with the powerful and gives voice to their victims. Epstein did not come to answer for their crimes: in August 2019 appeared hanging at the federal jail in Manhattan where he awaited trial. Netflix, Wednesday, 27th.​

A life in love

Of time, there will be no HBO Max in Spain, but the titles star of your release will be included in the offer of our HBO always. One of them is ‘Love life’anthology romantic that will explore the history loving part of a different character in each season. The first: Darby (Anna Kendrick), a young, successful in their work in the art world, but failed in the sentimental. Paul Feig, a man in whom we trust (he directed ‘The wedding of my best friend’), is listed among the producers. HBO, Thursday, the 28th.

Get up and smile

We all need it always, but now especially, something of pure joy and faith in humanity. All of that brings us ‘Central Park’, musical comedy, animated Loren Bouchard (the creator of ‘Bob’s burgers’), his regular collaborator Nora Smith and the actor with musical gifts Josh Gad. It is easy to fall in love with the Tillerman, family, multiracial who lives in Central Park and defending so great a public space of plans operators of an heiress hotel. Apple TV+, Friday, march 29.

What red phone? We fly into the space

Donald Trump is not the project originated from a branch space in the u.s. army, but it is the president who has made it official. Netflix set out to do a series on the subject Steve Carelland this he asked for help to Greg Danielshis boss in ‘The office’. The result is a comedy military of quite a few high-flying, ‘Space Force’less interested in shaming Trump and his henchmen that in creating characters own with that one until you can encariñar. Netflix, Friday, march 29.