The training of Halle Berry


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Sometimes Halle upload things about your workouts, as this stunning photo comes out doing a handstand with the legs open in the shape of a V.

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We note that recently started to make the pine tree and realized that has gained strength in the upper body and is more defined.

Here we show you some of the exercises of advanced level which makes:

Progressions of iron


This exercise involves starting in plank position and then push forward until all the weight is on the arms, without the feet touching almost the ground. And then return to the start.

Atomic Climbers


The following exercise are the atomic climbersthat also begin with an iron. From that position it is necessary to throw knees to elbows and then return to the position of lever initial.

Pistol Squat


In last place is the squat to a leg, which is a squat normal, but much harder. To practice, stand with your feet apart at about the height of the hip. Then raises a leg in front, until it is perpendicular with the body. Then, make a squat with the other leg while trying to approach towards the raised leg. Returns to the initial position (on the same leg) and lower leg elevated. Then repeat to the other side.

Whew! One more proof that Halle is a goddess, absolute fitness and us mere mortals.

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