The video of Nicki Minaj doing it well in the bed that bears 16 million in hours!


February 18, 2020
(20:27 CET)

Nicki Minaj it continues the promotion of her new job, and even though she says she is in her version more soft, that is not what is showing on your social networks, where it begins to mark territory with publications of the most suggestive.

The last of them has been today and has posted a video very provocative in which he appears with a dress too short by twerking. Of course, the dress just wrong stopped as expected.

However, it has served to sign another total success with over 16 million views in a few hours. And is that Nicki Minaj has returned from his retirement with a lot of force.

A progress

Two weeks ago, he began promotion of his upcoming work with a theme loose not even going to go to disk as it is Yikes, which shows that it is not so rusty as a rapper, as said the gossips.

In fact, on Youtube there have already been 6 million views to the song of Nicki Minaj, who has already warned that such a composition was only a sample that is still alive.

Life imprisonment

The brother of Nicki Minaj, Jelani Marajhas been convicted with life imprisonment for rape of his step daughter of 11 years, on numerous occasions. Something of what is charged in 2015, and he was still on trial.

In fact, Maraj had been free all this time thanks to his sister, who had paid a bail of 100,000 dollars to keep his brother out of prison during the judicial process.