The voice of Rosalie was able to apprehend Cardi B | Urban


A video of the singer Catalan was shared and praised by rapper

Whether you like it or not your music, Rosalia it is known worldwide for his voice and his singing. This amazement that thousands of people feel for the Catalan, reached Cardi B, who confessed to have been turned on after having heard him sing in Spanish.

The interpreter of “Money“he shared on his official Twitter account a excerpt of an interview that the singer “With Height“he did with Elle magazine, where she played a fragment of a theme.

Rosalia he spoke of how he met a day in their stories of Instagram with a rendition of the remix of “The Baby“, in which they collaborate Anuel AA, Black Point and Cardi Band he admitted that he found it a very hot item, so I sang a bit.

Listening to his interpretation, the own Cardi B could not avoid to share the voice of Rosalia the lit.

“The way she sings this, makes me hot…. forgive me, I have to go to the bathroom,” wrote the rapper in his publication of Twitter.

“I understand, sister,”and “Ummm… collaborate, queen bees”, are some of the messages that received the publication. Most longs to hear a version of “The Baby” between Rosalia and Cardi B.