The wow – ‘ em dress from Alex Morgan in the awards The Best


Alex Morgan went to the Awards, The Best accompanied by 5 members most of the Women’s national team of the united States. The front of the national team of the ‘Bars and Stars’ was nominated along with his partner Megan Rapinoe in the shortlist for the best player female of the yearLucy Bronze was the third in discord.

Morgan was unable to stay with the prize, as Rapinoe announced since the World Cup of France that was going aroundsince that ended by staying with the Ball and the Golden Boot, however, even though Alex could not stay with this award, it was included in the 11 ideal FIFA.

The front of the USA and player of Orlando Pride could not go unnoticed in any gala you are attendingbecause beauty tends to steal the spotlight and this time was no exception, because your dress couldn’t go unnoticed.

Alex Morgan called the attention on networks

The cameras were directed to her on multiple occasions and even the social networks were very active talking about how great lucy the u.s. during the awards ceremony. Without a doubt, the quality of the Morgan as a footballer and his beauty stand out in the world of sports.