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The singer Jennifer Lopez it has accustomed to its followers to sexy selfies or photographs with a quite elegance. However, a photograph of the actress also sparked controversy in social networks.

It is a picture in the gym where he gets to see his toned abdomen, but -behind her – his followers failed to see a man’s face with the mouth covered.

If you notice the image closely, you will see the character on the right shoulder of the singer. Immediately the fans began to comment: “Somebody is watching you! What fear” or “why nobody talks about the man hidden behind it”. Others said that perhaps it was another person who was at the gym and had the face mask by the coronavirus.

According To E! Entertaiment, at the time that the singer performed the selfie your fiance Alex Rodriguez I was conducting a video call, so who comes out on ea photo is the friend of the sportsman. “His office is attached to a gym, and is separated by curtains of the space of your office”he told the source.

It should be noted that yesterday, Rodriguez shared in your account YouTube the strict exercise routine that keeps with the “Diva of the Bronx” and their children in your house. Both have been shown as lovers of the sport and the physical well-being.


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