#VIDEOVIRAL: Awesome! Create portrait of Lady Gaga using only words


This young man proved to be a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but also an excellent artist, because he created the portrait of the singer by writing repeatedly the name of the famous, such as is shown in the viral video of Tik Tok.

At the start of the recording can be observed to the young man collecting all the materials that you will use, subsequently take a pen and starts to write the name of Lady Gaga, then writes it again, over and over again.

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At the beginning, the viral video of Tik Tok seems not to make much sense, but as the young woman is moving forward and moving the camera you can see the results.

First it looks like a lot of effort and dedication to draw, or rather, writes to give form to the eye of Lady Gaga, subsequently observes the chin of the singer, which seems to be giving the last details, and so this artist is going to make progress with the drawing to form the face of the famous singer.

Seconds before the end of the viral video of Tik Tok the young man shows the final result of your work of art, which allows us to see the portrait of Lady Gaga, accompanied by two pens with which the young man was working.

As expected, this unusual talent managed to surprise thousands of internet users who watched the video viral, as for many it turned out impressive the strong resemblance that the young man achieved with this portrait, which was formed only with the name of the singer Lady Gaga.

The comments did not wait, many users applauded the talent of this artist which was captured in this viral video of Tik Tok, other internet users even commented that already do a portrait is quite complicated, but you do so by typing only words on a canvas is something simply amazing.