What a skill! Shakira used her legs and hips, and what makes it great it Is all a professional!


The colombian singer possesses skills that maybe you didn’t know you had but that make it be the center of attention.

Shakira, the colombian of 43 years and mother of two, is a reference to the dancing and singing around the world.

Your belly dance the catapulted for several decades to fame and since then her hips have not lied.

The last post hung in your account of Instagram, the show by doing something that no one knew that I could do but apparently does very well.

Is she riding a skateboard as a professional. And that is to achieve riding a skateboard is to have balance and to have a good set of hips and legs.

With an outfit that is sporty and relaxed, Shakira dominated the table as if he had done so throughout his life. Surely you have thousands of skills with which your children can have fun in these moments of isolation.