What was the secret to Hailee Steinfeld to grow in the fame -and not lose your head in the attempt to-?

If there is a famous and must-have for the look, that is Hailee Steinfeld! And this year not only returned to impress with his voice and action in Pitch Perfect 3as it also is the new image of the campaign Michael Kors, The Walkin the contained bags personalized by the illustrator Daisy Emerson for the spring season 2017. But, what is the secret to be famous and not lose the head? She same to us account.

How would you describe your personal style?

Depends on my mood. My style is in constant evolution. I’ve been having fun and taking more risks lately.

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Where or how you get inspiration for your style?

I am fortunate that my work takes me around the world and I gather so much inspiration from the people I have had the opportunity to see on the way.

Who is your role model and why?

My mom. He inspires Me every day.

What favorite movie of 2016?

The Edge of Seventeen 😉

What is the teaching largest you learned to grow up and be famous?

You never take things seriously.

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What is the attribute of your sign, Sagittarius, which is completely real in you?

Be curious and energetic.

The guide Hailee to visit Los Angeles:

Eat in : Craig’s, West Hollywood. Buy in: Melrose Place. Enjoy the view at: God’s Seat, in Malibu.

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