Will Smith is pretending to be driver and surprised passengers in Miami



Miami /

Will Smith surprised to four passengers in Florida, haciéndose pass through driverand so to respond to your requests for Lyft, a transportation service u.s. travelers. The actor The prince of rap gave them a unforgettable stroll through the city, in which there was no shortage of jokes and imitations.

The actor was in Miami promoting his new movie, Bad Boys for Life (Bad Boys for ever), the end of the week. He picked up four passengers in a Porsche Taycan model 2020, and occasionally spoke as her character in the film, the detective Mike Lowryand urged travellers to do their best imitations of Bad Boys as the comrades.

Smith did one of the passengers called on FaceTime to his girlfriend, after the man said this I saw the original tape on a weekly basis.

It also made a passing practice your most feared cry of “Stop right there! Police”. Before dropping them off at their destinations, the actor he told every passenger that you will receive complimentary transfers of the company during the next year.

It is worth to mention, that some weeks ago Will Smith he found the youtuber Alex Montiel, who in his role of The Scorpion Gold, took advantage of the moment to show the actor his “admiration” with a drawing” that was made in his chest with the help of your hair.