Will Smith is sum challenge #WipeItDown and bore your version of ms terrorfica – Infofueguina


Perhaps there is some role that Will Smith do not know how to interpret? The answer is no, and with its prestigious projects in the film and with this video, it was more than clear.

In quarantine and before the part of the audiovisual contentwhere some were standby and others not even started, the actors take the juice to TikTok and samples their theatrical skills.

One of the famous challenges the app is the #WipeItDownthat means lmpialo and in that intrpretes have that be displayed in front of a mirror while the asean, and in one of those opportunities, are faced with its other versionthe creepy.

In a funny video, Will showed his side ms dark: Agent J from Men in blackand asust. I do not remember to have done this, I wrote in jest.

Immediately, the TikTok was the rage, she reached the three million and means of likes and almost 23 thousand comments and the name of the actor became a trend on Twitter this morning. This is the best thing that you are going to see in quarantine or edition level God, when you met with a professional, were some of the responses from their fans.