Yuliett Torres does so well wet that Nicki Minaj dies of envy

Perhaps the Kardashian sisters showed the way, and that is recognized, but at the root of them, of their disproportionate canons of beauty, have arisen beauties of a solid nature which removed sleep more than one (and one). Because you, the Yanet Garcia or Sol Perez they are living sculptures that live work their curves in the gym to have a powerful anatomy that has been imposed as the model to follow. And that Yuliett Towers is one of the maximum exponents.

This mexican is a brutality and a force of nature that reaches limits hardly igualables for even other great models such as these. Yuliett has everything you need to have to be the sensation that is Instagram, where has already accumulated a whopping almost five million followers. But not only what is but what it has in dimensions and hardness tremendously.

With it we will from the gym to the honeys that come after, that is to say, be in front of the mirror, reflecting that hard work in a few print curves. Yours is also a bold statement of style, very of the court of the superstars of the song Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. In fact, this last one has obtained some inspiration for dressing up with some of the outfits often wear.

But also for some of the snapshots increases tone and leaves us on your wall. As this one in which we can see the Jalisco wearing some slippers, and pajamas to explode and in a position as sensual as suggestive. Opens her legs and gets in front of the mirror, humedeciƩndolo and showing a heart on it, as well as their impressive rearguard. Up Nicki Minaj must surrender to the evidence of a superior physique. It is very strong.