13 years ago Britney Spears will shave off and as well amazing looks now


We all have in our file of mind of memes that picture of Britney Spears shaved accompanied by phrases such as “If Britney survived the 2007you can with this day.”

The story behind that moment that is now part of the pop culture, it is not so fun, because it meant a moment dark in the life of the singer.

In a new documentary titled “Britney Spears: Breaking Point”the people who were there reveal the reason why the 16 of February of 2007, he left the street, went to rapar and then he became a tattoo.

In addition, his bodyguards betrayed her by accepting bribes of the paparazzi to take photos for in between the blinds while Britney is rapaba. After, he went out of the room with a sweatshirt, climbed into a van and was driving to a tattoo studio called “Body & Soul” and there he did two tattoos, one in the arm and another in the hip.

reason why Britney Spears shaved off shaved hair head 2007
Tony Barretto, a former bodyguard of Britney Spears (Photo by GettyImages)

One of the maids, Emily Wynne-Hughes, asked why he had shaved, to which the “princess of pop” answered, “I don’t want anyone to touch me on the head. I don’t want anyone to touch me hair. I’m sick of the people I touch your hair”. But there was much more than just the disgust that it generated to be touched, and the real reason is she knew years later.

Britney Spears fled the paparazzi, 2007 (Photo: GettyImages)

Britney Spears fled the paparazzi, 2007 (Photo: GettyImages)

The real reasons

The paparazzi laid siege on those dates to Spears, they did it for years, and even Madonna compared in its minute to the situation lived by the Diana, princess of Wales with the press before his death.

Spears divorced Federline three months after giving birth to her second child, being criticized for partying with Paris Hilton instead of staying at home with your family. National surveys pointed to Spears as a bad mother, and your image neat was in the past after long nights where we saw him, the look lost.

Eventually, Britney lost complete custody of her children after the judge of The los Angeles dictaminase that “there was a consumption and abuse of drugs daily” in your home in Beverly Hills. It was in February 2007 -after spending two days in rehab – when Britney went into a barber shop for raparse the head. His hair was sold on EBay.

reason why Britney Spears shaved off shaved hair head 2007

Photo: GettyImages, hair of Britney Spears for sale on eBay

From that moment, 12 years have passed, and the explanation that he gave Britney about it, came from the hand of “Britney: on the Record”, MTV documentary where he explains why he acted as he did and the reasons he had to lose the head.

“I didn’t have my children close, and my home were them. He couldn’t be in my house at the situation and I was escapándome and going to somewhere…” she says in the film.

“People are shaving their heads all the time, I think when I did it was to purgarme of all the bad things that were happening (…) Kevin began to do things by himself and no longer saw him. I think I got married for the wrong reasons, more for the idea and all that it represents in the place to follow my instinct,” he added.

When the driver of the special asked why he had acted that way, Britney held firm “The truth is that I don’t think that is a matter of no one”.

Another version

However, the exmanager of Britney, Sam, Lut, accused of stealing and administering drugs to the singer and sued by the family Spears, says Britney had a pending test of hair to detect if there was or not consumed drugs before the judge.

Lut said in Court that Britney Spears was assiduous to consume methamphetamine, and the reason for raparse the head was to avoid being sanctioned.

Britney Today

Whatever the reason, Britney was able to get ahead, and continuous current 20 decades after being launched to stardom.

His fans will connect with her through Instagram, and as she herself is the that you choose to display parts of your life, the paparazzi stopped to bother her.

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