3 reasons why Will Smith looks abdominal


Will Smith has past the border of 50 years old at the time which seems increasingly in shape. When he rose to fame in ‘The prince of Bel Air‘he was a boy, slim and tall but now it is a mass of muscle that looks up abs in action movies. His coach, Aaron Ferguson, has revealed its routines in Men’s Journal to recommend to anyone who wants to follow them because they are not complicated.

“I like more of a routine of gym traditional. Using movements very controlled with not too much weight with the perfect technique because it does not want you to have the chance of re-injury again,” he explained. Will Smith (September 25, 1968) was injured in one leg during the filming of ‘Suicide Squad‘and the doctor assigned to the actor six weeks of rest. The rapper who lived in Philadelphia without much regard to the police she did not remain in dry dock for ‘Bad Boys for life“and adapted a training routine that now follows to the letter.

Ferguson has explained more than once how are your possible days of gym because it considers that they are easy to run by anyone who wants to imitate Will Smith. There are ‘press’ bench, chin-ups, push-ups, climb the rope, and it usually work each day with a different objective. Almost like the character ‘I am legend‘played for their student. However, with three basic concepts has managed to sport a physical spectacular.

‘Crunch Machine’

Ferguson acknowledges that the work with the chest of Will Smith is simple by its large pectoral from prepare to play Mohamed Ali. What I wanted to coach was that the abs of the actor wear more, so the instructions were to stretch as much as possible during the exercises on the abdominal machine (Crunch Machine).

Chin-up bar

A novelty of Ferguson is to use the chin-up bar to lift the legs. The exercise should be developed as slow as you can to increase the tension in the area. With your 1,81 height Will Smith manages to finish 4 sets of 8 reps.


Aaron Ferguson ensures that it is a little controller with the diet of Will Smith, though he believes that is the third reason so that you can look abdominal. Your ribbon are 3,500 calories. The actor usually eat five times a day. The sweet potato, the broccoli and chicken are their usual ingredients, but what is most surprising for the coach is that the actor did not consume any carbohydrate at christmas.

Man action

This preparation has allowed Will Smith to chain several action films as the protagonist (‘Gemini‘, ‘Bright‘) and and ‘has aBad Boys 4‘and ‘Bright 2‘on the horizon.