6ix9ine represents everything that is wrong in hiphop


Opinion | 6ix9ine represents everything that is wrong in hiphop

For decades, the hip-hop stopped being the music of gang members. Or, better said, music that can only do gang members. In fact, many of the stars come from middle class families. Kanye West, Drake, Travis Scott, J Cole or Kendrick Lamar there are or have been criminals and, therefore, in their songs never speak of a life of gang members. No one has criticized never by it.

People appreciate having the artists tell their reality. When the story behind the songs is real, everything sounds better. Whether it be feelings of love, narcissism, pure, of social critique or deconstruction of american neoliberalism. What you do sounds authentic when your narrative out of what you have lived.

6ix9ine decided to build a character to gain attention on the Internet. He spoke of their multiple links with the Nine Trey Bloods, their desire to kill, of all the drug selling and the money I earned. Things as they are: it has worked perfectly. Is the rapper viral par excellence.

But no one forced him to live the life of a criminal. And when you enter that world, you have to respect a number of codes among which “not chivarse” it is of the main. At the time of the truth, he has not hesitated to betray all to get out before the prison.

A lot of people excuse by stating that “all would have done the same.” Sorry, but almost none of us has decided to become a gang member. To 6ix9ine of the bands mattered to him in both that could help to create an image.

This is not what I say, but your lawyer: when he was accused of belonging to an armed group, his lawyer said 6ix9ine he was innocent because “an artist that uses an image of a gangster to promote his music does not make you a member of a band”. In fact, the rapper introduced himself as “victim” in the trial that ended condenándole.

6ix9ine he lives for his image in networks. Sold a model of career where you do not care about your lyrics, but your followers. No matter your music, but the number of people who see your direct on Instagram. No matter your story, your concept, or your progression, but the number of visits that you have on Youtube. And that denigrates the culture.

His tune “GOOBA” is cool, of course. But we should make an effort in do famous idiots.