Adele has three discs, 15 Grammys and an Oscar, but what matters is your weight


“Adele published photo looks thinner than ever”, “The amazing transformation of Adele”, “why the face of Adele looks so different”, “The thread of the stunning weight loss Adele.

The british singer turned 32 years old last may 5 and decided to celebrate by posting a picture of herself in the middle of an arch with flowers. The headlines that referred to his low weight as news, did not take long to be published. The press had already pointed to his physical change in January of this year, when it was sighted on a caribbean beach.

Suddenly, he stopped being relevant the damage on their vocal cords that in 2017, he was forced to cancel a tour, or to the date builds up 15 Grammy awards after jumping to fame thanks to a publication by demos in My Space. No. The news is that now Adele is thin.

From the beginning his voice caught my attention. It was the only thing we could know from the audio that your friend Linden published in My Space in 2004. Two years later, everything became strange. For 18 years I was finishing the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology, when he was contacted by XL Recordings to record their first album.

A fan of the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, ever imagined that their debut album –19– reach the number 1 ranking british and become double platinum in the united States. Not even took into account the first e-mail, sent to the independent label because I didn’t know who they were. A friend said: “Hey, they work with the White Stripes’”, said Adele in an interview with Billboard in 2008.

In fact said in that conversation: “If I do not succeed with this first album, it doesn’t matter, I will make it when you have eight. I have the time”. To date, Adele has three albums that have been awarded 15 Grammy Awards and the opportunity to work on an original theme for James Bond, which gave him an Oscar for Best song.

Is called by a single name, as did Madonna and Beyoncé. I didn’t need more than that and your unique voice to open the way. He had done so in his native United Kingdom and sooner rather than later would come the turn of north America, when he participated in an episode of Saturday Night Live in October of 2008.

Only had in their hands the album 19 and his emotional “Chasing Pavements” -that tune on the stubbornness of pursuing something that is not already. Should I give up or keep chasing pavement? / Even if it will take me to any part / Or is it a waste of time? But it had everything you need to get. There was No one like her. Still, there is not.

In the 2009 edition of the Grammy awards, received two awards: Best performance pop female and Best new artist. Would be the first of a long list of awards he would receive in forth between AMA’s, BBC Music Awards, Billboard, BRIT Awards, Emmy and Golden Globes.

Two years later-in 2011 – released his second and perhaps most famous album that catapulted him to fame final: 21, produced by Columbia and XL. Today, there is hardly those who are unaware of the songs “Rolling in the deep” “Set fire to the rain” or “Someone like you”. Heartbreaking, of simple melodies, and with a vocal quality of wide range.

The display on the stage is no less impressive. With perfectly lined eyes, hairstyles neat and graceful dresses, rose to the stage as one who walks in your house. The space belonged to him and nobody doubted that, much less since he sang the first verse.

With 21, Adele won the Grammy for Album of the year and Best vocal Album. In addition, Rolling Stone awarded him the sixth place in the list of best albums female of the story. Sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, was certified 16 times Platinum and was elected as a member of the Honorable Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles.

It was not strange that the contact to work on the soundtrack of James Bondfranchisee british film par excellence that always summons the pop artists to your original topic. In 2012 premiered James Bond: Operation Skyfallwhose song had the voice of Adele.

The announcement of the artist of -then – 25 years as the winner of the Oscar 2013 for Best original song, was not a surprise. “Thank you very much, this is wonderful,” he said before thanking the people who worked and break down in tears by the emotion

His renowned artistic continued, even after three years of musical silence, with the release of their third album: 25. “Hello,” and “When we were young” quickly positioned themselves in the first positions. That combined with television appearances and interactions with the public on his tours that were full of sympathy and of laughter raucous.

Adele was real and sincere. Was still that girl who dreamed to devote himself to music. The success and international fame seemed to be an accessory that hardly went unnoticed.

He was even recognized by Time magazine as one of the most influential people of 2012, and VH1 gave him the fifth place as one of the female singers more important to the story.

This week, Adele is news because of its low weight, reduce the importance of a professional career that few people achieve with effort and talent. If Adele is going to be mentioned, that it is for the right reasons.