Adele live in front of your ex for the sake of your child

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The reactions that caused the change of Adele (Image Televiisión)

After a year that you announced your divorce, Adele and Simon Konecki you are finally in the final stage of the legal agreements. However, before this happened, the couple decided to maintain a cordiality and closeness, by sharing custody of your child.

According to The Sun, Adele and Simon they will share custody his 7 year old son, Angelo Adkins, and will continue to “solve their problems, pledging to keep the details of their relationship more private as possible for the sake of his son.”

Basically, that means that we will not know the details of his fortune, or, as they divided the money due to the the absence of an agreement prenupicial.

Adele live in front of your ex, Simon Konecki, by his son (Photo: Instagram)

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Adele live in front of your ex, Simon Konecki, by his son (Photo: Instagram)

Since their separation, Adele and Simon have committed to maintain a cordial relationship in the press. In fact, it is for that reason that live close to each other in Beverly Hills. The singer, 32 years old, lives in a mansion near his former property, while Simon lives in front of another mansion of $9.5 million.

While the current pandemic coronavirus is forcing most to stay home in an effort to stop the spread of the new virus, Adele is taking advantage of the quarantine to spend more time with his son.

“She helps Angelo with their homework and the kitchen. I love being a mother stay-at-home at this time,” confirmed a source close to the singer.

Although we still await a new album from Adele, whose last project was 2015, Adele has managed to be a theme of trend from recurring. In the last few months, he made his debut a slender figure in their social networksand so much celebrities, as fans were not able to recognize it.

Remember that Simon Konecki and Adele they began dating in 2011 and shortly after welcomed their son, Angelo. In 2015, came the rumors about a separation, but soon after rejected.

The couple married in secret in the year 2016 and Adele announced it at the Grammys, 2017 while she accepted the award Best Album of the Year.

Currently, Simon Konecki is a co-founder of Life Watera ecological footprint of water bottles in the United Kingdom.

Insurance will come better things for Adele, meanwhile, is admiring everything that is able to do for your little one, or not?

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