Adele: the new challenge that faces after weight loss and is costing you a lot


Adele has surprised the whole world with your new figure, and is that have lost weight more than 70 kilos and certainly appears to be another.

Through the networks we have seen the transformation of the singer, and the past 6 of may posted a picture wearing a mini black dress which showed just how thin that is, impacting all.

However, a source close to the celebrity revealed to the magazine Heat World living a new battle after losing weight, and it feels uncomfortable to go out to public places and to have all the attention on her.

“Adele finds the attention very shameful and still shrinks when it enters a room and all eyes are on her. She admits that although you can now look better than ever, still incredibly conscious of their appearance, and sometimes you find it hard to believe that it looks as good as people say it does,” says the source.

His friends try to make her feel good, and feel good about herself with the new Adele, but the road has not been easy.

“She says she feels anxious whenever that comes out, has never felt really comfortable with all the attention. Your friends are really trying to work hard to persuade her that it is beautiful, and help you to increase your self-confidence, but it’s going to take a while,” says the source.

This also indicates that “the biggest battle is to overcome her anxiety and develop her self-esteem. She is happy to be in Los Angeles, where people are more open and understanding about these things, and happy to talk about your personal journey. A lot of talk about this with their friends of The Angels, who tell him how proud you are of her and really celebrate the changes you have done.”

But, even if it’s costing you to accept your new appearance, is enjoying in this new stage of buying clothes and wearing clothes that before I couldn’t use.

“It says that she is surprised when she looks in the mirror, but that really enjoys buying so many new clothes and is having fun trying on things, from short dresses to creations of the red carpet. It is as if he were making up for lost time and have spent thousands of dollars,” he revealed.

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