Aitana depleted in 24 hours a tracksuit that is also worn by Kendall Jenner

The tracksuit has been the great alternative to the playsuit in this quarantine, and the great celebrities have also joined this trend without hiding, it is more, some have been placed to show off the styling. Aitana has shared several publications on sports apparel in your account of Instagram, and in particular, the last, has been a success.

The comfort has become an ally of the singer during the confinement, and the past week he wanted to make an example of this. While still enjoying their past releases along with David Bisbal, with, ‘If you want’, and Reik with ‘Enemies’, the singer interacts with his fans whenever he can. In its latest publication has revealed his passion for the purple, posing from the comfort that provides you with the tracksuit of the same color.

As if Kendall Jenner is concerned, since they share the outfit, Aitana sported a two-piece ‘Adidas Originals’ collection in the works Daniëlle Cathariwith effect ‘patchwork’, and in the most popular color of the season, the lilac. The same is almost exhausted in the website of Adidas, after the “phenomenon Aitana”.

Despite the fact that the set is worth a total of 150 euros, and their sizes are limited to the smaller (XS and S), being a product highly sought after to share two great personalities. Although in a very different way, yes. Jenner who opted for a model in white and black, and sandals to combine it, and Aitana, on her part, what wore along with a white t-shirt in a more “sport”.

It seems that the tracksuit goes for all types of occasions as conjuntes and in addition is made from recycled materials. May not be the best investment as a wardrobe, because you never know if a pandemic will punish the world forcing isolation. Thank You Aitana!

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