Alex Morgan reveals his next target with the Selection of the united States


During an interview for ESPNthe front of the Selection for Women from united States Alex Morgan, said that his retirement from professional football is not close to and wants to continue succeeding, having as his last great objective is to be able to get the tri-championship of the world women’s in the next World Women’s 2023.

“I just hope to continue playing at the top of my game, to bring home more medals. There’s not really a end point in sight. I feel that I am still pretty young and I have much more to offer,” said the player in an interview.

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On the other hand, in addition to having faith and the belief of being able to return to be champion of the world, Morgan, who was awarded the Silver shoe in the world cup just of France this summer, he indicated that is seen picking up again the scepter of the world in women’s soccer.

“I want another World Cup. (Life after soccer) doesn’t happen soon. Four more years”, said the front of 30 years of age, who is seen playing and succeeding in the World of 2023.