Boyfriend of Demi Lovato you want to marry Selena Gmez


They say the world is small and in Hollywood it seems that is ace, given that some form of many known or had a past in common, such as is the case of the current pair of Demi Lovato and Selena Gmez.

Remember that the singer of 27 years confirm his relationship with Max Ehrich few weeks ago, however the fans were not quiet and they decided to investigate the social networks of her boyfriend, which left a surprising tweet.

All data of a publication that the actor did in August of 2018, when you express your intentions with the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, and was surprised by the fanticos of the celebrity.

I’m going to marry Selena Gmez, I wrote today the partner of the interpreter Sorry not Sorrythat even tag your suitor at one time.

This shows that the fans do not miss anything out of hand when they decide to investigate the past of their favorite artists, so that you will be able to estimate that Enrich was interested in something long before that Demi Lovato.

However this slip-up does not seem to interfere in the relationship of the personality, who has been very happy with her boyfriend.

Sample of this are the constant publications of the actress with a l on their social networks, which makes it very clear his great affection to Max Ehrich.