Britney Spears makes sure to run the 100 meter dash faster than Usain Bolt | People


Pop star Britney Spears stunned in the social networks to ensure that he has run the 100-meter dash in 5,97 seconds, a mark that neither the current world record holder, Usain Bolt, has been able to register.

According to the singer of “Toxic”, yesterday got to do this test athletic in 5 seconds for the first time, after training with times that “typically” vary “between 6 and 7 seconds”, a few data that have surprised his followers as the world record, who beat Bolt in 2009 is of 9,58 seconds.

The singer shared in his profile of Instagram an image of a stopwatch that marks 5,97 seconds, accompanied by a message in which he claims to have reached that achievement, and gives tips to get to that supposed level.

“¡¡¡I ran my first 5 seconds!!!!! Overcome the fear of pressing in the beginning is the key… once I did that, I got the 5! -indicated Spears-. Usually, I run at 6 or 7 seconds, in my first attempt were 9 and now I got it. Wow! It 100-meter dash!”.

True, the testimony of Spears, the star would have beaten the world record male already in his first attempt, which also marks distances with the record for women, registered in 1988 by the american Florence Griffith Joyner with 10,49 seconds.

Some users responded to the singer with the nickname “Sprintney Spears”, or titles such as “the queen of the world records” and “queen’s round”.

The comment most ironic came from the hand of his own brother-in-law, Jamie Watson, who said to Spears: “it Is a shame that they have cancelled the Olympic Games, you could have taken 4 seconds of advantage to the whole world.”

Other people felt that the artist has confused test sport and questioned his athletic ability when less than two months ago broke his foot.

The world record for the 100-metre sprint takes without a fight since 2009, when the jamaican Usain Bolt managed to do the test in 9,58 seconds at the world championships in Berlin, a brand that could not repeat in the 2012 London Olympic Games, where he made 9,63 seconds.

In women, Florence Griffith Joyner left the label in 10,49 seconds, that any athlete has passed since 1988.