Cardi B and Beyonce in the playlist of Michelle Obama | People | Entertainment


The former first lady and lawyer, Michelle Obama shared in his account of Instagram (@michelleobama) your favorite songs to listen to while you do your routine in the gym.

The list is comprised of 35 themes that include melodies as Soulmate of Lizzo, Press of Cardi B, Before I Let Go of Beyonce, Apeshit of The Carters, Perm of Bruno Mars, Hussle & Motivate of Nipsey Hussle, Cross Me of Ed Sheeran feat Chance The Rapper, and many more.

This publication was accompanied by the following message: “this Is the moment when the New Year’s resolutions are a little more difficult to meet. To offer a little inspiration, I want to share my #WorkoutPlaylist with you. These songs always seem to give me an extra boost to overcome my workouts more difficult. What’s on your playlist?”.

Lately, Barack and Michelle Obama have shared regularly by the music that they are listening. Last month, the former president shared his favorite songs of 2019, which included superstars such as Beyonce (Mood 4 Eva), Rosalia (With Height), or Maggie Rogers (Burning). (E)