Cardi B asked for help to his followers to calm her daughter


The girl is super restless and the mother is desperate.

Nearly two years since Cardi B she became the mother has left to see a radical change in your life. Note that is a devoted mother that has given his family priority over his career. Even, during this quarantine, has shared images with her fans of her life at home and the last thing we did was to ask them for tips to calm your daughter.

In addition to acquiesce with countless gifts, the renowned singer asked her fans tips to reassure your daughter. Apparently, the small is very restless to the point that it is a challenge to take a photograph.
Precisely this was what made Cardi B ask for help to their fans. The girl is not want to when they want to photograph, something that the singer loves to be able to share the pictures of your beautiful girl.

“How do they do it?”

“When I see people taking perfect photos of their children, I wonder how do they do it? how? how? Because mine is not reassuring,” wrote the Cardi B in his account Instagram.

The publication did not take long to have over two million views and more than 13 thousand comments. The fans gave tips to the artist so that I could make your daughter let you take photographs.

“Tell him to look at a bird”, “Offer a recomenza” and “you Should give him candy”, were some of the comments received by the artist. Users who have more experience in this type of moments not lost the opportunity to give advice.
Despite the setbacks to entertain their small, Cardi B shown happy to be sharing this quarantine in the family. Constantly posts pictures and videos of how they spend their days.

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