Cardi B, had prepared a collaboration with Beyoncé?


The leaks in music are a reality. For decades, there have been leaked songs before, or songs that never got published for various reasons. The most recent example we found in the filtration of the new singles from two of the big stars of the international music: Dua Lipa, and Lady Gaga. And now we find ourselves with a project of Beyoncé and Cardi B.

It has recently come to light the news of the project leaked of Beyoncé and Cardi B that never came to be published officially. It has been through a video of the producer J White Did It, from where it has leaked the news.

The renowned producer, composer and dj u.s. that is behind the successful remix of Savage Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallionhe confessed during a live video that has been made in your account of Instagram which in the year 2017 the fans of both artists missed the opportunity to enjoy the two divas of the music.

It was in October of 2017 when Michael Ashby shared a picture in which you could read the name of the two divas: Cardi B ft Beyonce demo. This oversight did not sit nothing well to Cardi B, who at that moment decided to cancel the collaboration and in addition denied on countless occasions have never met the engineer.

Three years ago I had a collaboration with Beyoncé and a Cardi that is made flour to be viral that they were going to do a song together. And that made you take back. I was as stunned as everyone. I was sitting there waiting, looking at the internet and soon leaked out,” explained the producer in your account of Instagram.

Now all the fans are wondering what would have happened if the collaboration of both music stars have come to light.