Cardi B is surprising in a Live Instagram the singing great successes of the Spanish


Cardi B it is one of the exponents of the rap ms successful in the world, capable of place their songs in the range ms top of the music charts. With hard work, has managed to stand out among all the artists, with a great personality and attitude extravagant has made it clear that nobody will be able to match, neither in style nor in his tone of voice. For this reason, da-after-day is dedicated to share with all of your followers different times in his life that can be meaningful for all.

Taking advantage of the quarantine and days of confinement the american star has been known to promote their name through social networks, reaching even to participate in a new collaboration alongside Anuel AA, to give life to the remix of I ask for milk, which became a stir in the networks due to its high content of obscene and its part of the song singing in English, something that apparently charming to all.

To see the great reception they get for a part of America’s Hispanic, the interpreter I Like It, he wanted to please his fanticos of these places in the world and I shared with you all a amazing to live in Instagram, where by ms of an hour chat with them and left that to listen to it sing the tems ms of successful latinoamericas, demonstrating that for her also they were great songs that have become their favorite.

The video, despite having been a transfer in vivo, it became viral on all platforms, and now, no one to talk about so amazing in that moment Cardi B is able to pronounce perfectly the Spanish coming to sing songs of Adventure, Rock Drcal, Ana Gabriel, Bad Bunny, among others, bringing together several generations, with different rhythms and themes has caused great impact on the different societies, volvindose a cone in the music.

At 27 years old, the singer-songwriter urban it has become one of the most famous and millions of their style, far beyond his greatest rival, Nicki Minaj, who prior to his arrival was the eminence in rap, but due to its high polmica was overshadowed, leaving in the oblivion of those who now admire completely to the songwriter and also actress of new york, known as the feelings of the Bronx.