confesses the trick of ‘Beyonce’ that you use to look taller in photos


Shakira has resorted to social networks to unveil one of its biggest secrets: the way in which it manages to look taller in the photos. The colombian artist revealed that he learned this trick during the recording of the video clip ‘Beautiful Liar’ on the one who had to disguise the 13 centimeters of difference carries with Beyoncé.

“To look more high you have to put always in the first row of a picture. This lesson on basic perspective I learned of Beyoncé rolling ‘Beautiful Liar’”, wrote the singer along with a photograph that proves his words to his over 56 million followers.

It is worth remembering that Shakira measures 1,57 metres, while Beyoncé measured 1,70 meters. In the popular video clip in which they appear both, the height difference is not appreciated.

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