Demi Lovato and Machine Gun Kelly dismissed rumours of romance


You know all the details about your last exit.

The past 4th of February, Demi Lovato was seen in a out quite long with Machine Gun Kelly.

The two were for hours at the restaurant Soho House, Los Angeles, California, and showed very good mood.

As was expected, soon began running the rumors, and now many speculate about the nature of their relationship.

What Demi and the rapper have something? Watch the video and discover what you have to say the sources of E! News

The 2020 started wonderfully for Lovato.

The last 2 February, the pop star romped in its presentation of the Super Bowl 2020, where he was in charge of singing the National Anthem. And previously, at the Grammys 2020, had its long-awaited return to the stage, after almost two years of absence.

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