Digimon: Fanart imagine Lady Gaga as Angewomon

Anyone who knows Lady Gaga you know that one of its features is to dress attire very eye-catching in their presentationsand probably the next fanart of Digimon to help you with your next occurrence, as an artist the faithfully recreated as Angewomon.

CARLOSGZZ003 probably had a revelation when he decided to combine the appearance of the digimon type angel with the singer, since their result is a beautiful display of lights and sparkles that the same artist would be interesting to interpret.

It is worth mentioning that all of the details in his illustration are true to the original appearance of Angewomon. The only aspect that undergoes a change is the helmet to show the face of the lady Gaga, no doubt a result worth seeing within a live-action series.

Lady Gaga x Angewomon | Source: @CARLOSGZZ003

The series written by Akiyoshi Hongo became important again with the premiere of Digimon Adventure, a reboot of the series namesake of 1999 where we would return to see the children chosen and their digimon, among them this Digimon. However, the global pandemic forced the series to postpone the episodes until further notice.

What did you think of this fanart of Lady Gaga as Angewomon?



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