Do you actually look like Sarah Paulson?


Social networks have been obsessed in recent weeks with the course like that would exist between the singer Adele and actress Sarah Paulson, who this last one is very flattering.

The scrutiny, justified or not, that has undergone the physical aspect of Adele during the last few months, after brought to light a series of photographs in which she looked much thinner, has gotten many people to realize that it reminds them of the actress Sarah Paulson.

The comparisons between the two artists have achieved that the interpreter of American Horror Story again trending topic on several occasions, and the debate over its apparent resemblance to Adele has finished by reaching to their ears.

“What I would really like to is to compare my talent with yours to match. Although honestly… would not be true, because no one is at their height. Which is very annoying,” he joked Sarah during an interview to EW Live to make it clear that you feel very flattered that someone use his name in the same sentence as that of Adele.

“I’m content with say that we look alike. It’s gorgeous!”, concluded.

A few weeks ago, the singer posted a picture to celebrate his 32 birthday, in which he rested sheathed in a minidress and sporting a intense tanning. It was the first instantaneous current sharing on their social networks from others, made by the paparazzi during your vacation on the island of Anguilla earlier this year, will cause a great stir due to the apparent change that had occurred in the figure of the artist.

What about you what do you think? Do you look like Adele and Sara Paulson?

By: Bang Showbiz