Does it return the tennis? Leaked the protocol of how will be the return of tennis to Serena Williams and the WTA

The back of the tennis could be closer. The sport is one of the most affected by the pandemic of coronavirus, since the dynamic global needs open borders in a good part of the planet to function normally. Although the circuit is suspended until August, it is known how they will be some aspects of the protocol that will be used in the circuit of the WTA the players like Serena Williams to return to compete in a short time.

How will be the return of the tennis

Torben Beltz, German coach of the Croatian Donna Vekicspoke in the podcast Advantage, specializing in tennis, and gave some details of what is coming in the return to the courts in the WTA. The coach told the players may only travel with a companion to the tournaments. He said, moreover, that in the event there shall be no more than 100 people in the complex. And revealed that the players are already being advised about how to act each time they change sides, and cross each other.

Before the suspension of the circuit in the first days of march, the Indian Wells tournament had already shown some hints of what is to come in the world of tennis: children alcanzapelotas with gloves, no spectators and with social distance at all times. But the big issue that has tennis is not how the game is played on the pitch, but how do the players and players to move from one side to another without falling in quarantine.

The return of Serena Williams and company

The gradual opening-up that are going on in Europe makes me think that the back of the tennis in the short term is possible. There are already some tournaments in exhibition development. But without the presence of Serena Williamsmany of the best players in the world reside in the united States will meet in June to play a tournament in Charleston. The same shall apply to tennis players of origin balkan as Novak Djokovic, who will play a tournament in Serbia and Bosnia.

For the moment, the returning officer of the circuit both in the ATP as in the WTA it would be the 3 of August with the tournament in Washington. The specific definition will be in mid-June, six weeks before the completion of the tournament. But everything will depend on what happens with the Us Open, scheduled for the end of August. For the moment, the organization of the tournament in New York has not ruled out to play the U.s. Open in a timely manner.

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