Does Nicki Minaj really is removed from the music?

A little over three months Nicki Minaj it alarmed all of his fans when he announced a retirement from the music via your Twitter account, without giving many details. According to what he said at that time, his goal was to devote himself to his family that was beginning to form with her childhood sweetheart, Kenneth Petty.

Its message caused a stir that is unprecedented in the followers, who demanded more details before it’s bare-bones announcement. In later days, the rapper he said to his step for a radio program that would give more details in the coming days, recognizing that he had been too abrupt, but now finally decided to clear it all up.

love the music and interact with my fans, so I don’t see myself departing by
full, but I want to open myself to other possibilities in my life. I think that is
important to discover a same as a woman away from this magnifying glass under which
we live as artists. I need to make sure that I find a balance as
to be human,” he said in an interview with Billboard.

In that same sense Nicki he promised to have more plans inside of the music. “I plan to venture out on a million more projects. Anyway that’s always been my goal: to become a business woman. I don’t think being part of an industry as lucrative as this without the benefit of it, everyone should do it!”.

confession of Nicki

The rapper
Nicki Minaj announced a couple of months to be removed from the music and the
scenarios. While it is uncertain if it will temporarily or definitively, this
week was in the news for the major tabloids sensationalized the world.
However, it is curious that this time it involves another celebrity: to Ariana
Large, but calm!!! This is not any fight; this time he pulled out the flag

In this
meaning, the artist does not hesitate to express through the program Entertainent
Tonight his appreciation to Ari, as they maintain a strong friendship away from the
scenarios although few know about it. “I’m very proud of her because she
has produced this album and I am very proud of being part of something that is your
baby. It is always a pleasure to work with her because we, on the contrary that
other artists, we have a real friendship out there, in the real world. The people
not aware of that. That is, we write, we facetime and we take
of the nerves. Things like these”.