Don’t silence anything! Kate Beckinsale answered criticisms about her publication about Harvey Weinstein


After that Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison, many women breathed relieved, since he had been accused of violence and aggression. Among the victims, was Kate Beckinsale.

The actress is 46 years old it was one of the many women that suffered at the hands of the filmmaker. When Weinstein finally he was behind bars, she took advantage to do a posting on where you had your experience.

Released photos that appeared with the defendant, and in this way showed that not everything is what it seems. He explained that shortly after these photos, the magnate began taunting her and violentarla.

The publication caused controversy immediately, since this is one of the many cases by which Harvey was sentenced. Many followers showed their support towards the brunette.

However, many other, ‘haters’ or ‘trolls’, they began to attack and criticize it in this publication as personal, saying he did not believe anything of what they had.

The protagonist of “Underworld” do not let trample by all the people who wanted to damage it and attack it and, without saved nothing, replied to the criticism.

“He used his charm to manipulate his victims. He could be charming, talented and creative, and then absolutely monstrous”, he stated Kate.