Elon Musk: his mother-in-law calls him on Twitter for ignoring his recent fatherhood


The mother of Grimes released a tweet in which scolded Elon Musk to launch a message of political tone

If there is a businessman that is not measured in their comments, that is Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Tesla, who to two weeks of becoming a dad with the singer Grimes, have already got into the first problem with your mother-in-law, who he claimed with a tweet.

elon musk mother-in-law


It turns out that the couple of Grimes and dad’s small X Æ A-12 tweeted to their millions of followers to take “the red pill”, which makes reference to the movie “Matrix”, in which the character of the actor Lawrence Fishburne offers Keanu Reeves take a red pill to recognize the reality.

Later, this scene became a metaphor to indicate that they have taken the views of republicans in the united States. Also read: Grimes explains the name of his firstborn “X Æ A-12”

elon musk grimes


However, not all went as I thought, since according to The Independent, Sandy Garossino, mom Grimes, tweeted: “If your partner had a pregnancy and a birth and a challenging two weeks ago, and you have more than 16 years would be critical of the bulls on Twitter at this time?”, and in a few seconds, the original tweet was deleted even though there is already screenshots circulating on the web.

Before this, he went out Ivanka Trump to the scene to support the message of the entrepreneur, the son of the model of south africa Make Muskwho is not tired of showing off their new grandchild and would like to congratulate the released parents.

The tweet from the daughter of the u.s. president, Donald Trumpdivided opinions up to the point continue. Also read: She is Maye Musk, supermodel and mother of Elon Musk, speaks of the childhood of the genius of Tesla

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