Emilia Clarke also disliked the ending to the ‘Game of Thrones’ | People


Almost a year after one of the series most successful world will come to an end, some of its protagonists have dared to give his opinion on the much-talked —and even controversial— final which took Game of Thrones. It has been the case of the own Emilia Clarke, Daenerys Targaryen in the fiction, who has lifted up the hare and has confirmed what many already suspected: she also disliked the final chapter.

“I didn’t feel anything happy when I read the script and in every turn of the plot I tried not to think too much about what they were going to tell the others when you were issued the chapters,” says the actress in a recent interview with The Sunday Times. “But in the background I always had in mind that you may have the opinion followers. At the end of the day, everything we owed it to them. They were the ones that made us become a success. It seemed to Me the most correct and polite for my part,” he adds.

In the final chapter, Daenerys dies at the hands of her lover —and nephew— Jon Snow, starring Hit Karington, after having led a genocide of innocent civilians in their quest to capture the Iron Throne. But it was not the death of your character that most frustrated or disappointed to the actress, but rather the ways in which it developed all and, especially, that there should be no retaliation on the other protagonist of his disappearance. “What I really felt for her. And yes, it bothered me a lot that Jon Snow did not have to face any consequence for her. Went totally unpunished for that crime”, he argues.

Clarke even goes so far as to consider that maybe it was a mistake to condense all the end almost in a single chapter. “I don’t know, maybe we ended way too abruptly. Maybe we could have developed the story for several more chapters for that everything would have more sense,” he concludes. An opinion nothing away that had thousands of followers of the series who, through a collection of signatures, requested that HBO is rehiciera all last season and they showed their disagreement with the writers and producers about how they had changed some of their initial arguments.

Although this is the first time that Clarke writes so openly about the end of the series that catapulted him to fame, the actress had already made some mention about it. It was last September, when he considered “deeply flattering” the rejection that had generated the last chapter for a lot of fans, that showed all the love he had to her character and to the fiction in general.

After eight seasons, and with an average of almost 12 million viewers per chapter only in the united States, Game of Thrones it was a series that transcended television and became a real cultural phenomenon worldwide. He opened the door of success to many of its protagonists in addition to Clarke and Harington, as Peter bad griesbach, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams and Lena Headey, among others. However, not everything has been a field of roses. Throughout these years it has been known that many of them were not able to handle the immense fame that they achieved in such a short time and also the pressures that were on some occasions.

The own Emilia Clarke revealed last November, the discussions he had had with some of the heads of the production due to the frequent nudity that had to star in, especially in the early seasons. “I would tell them that the sheet I covered the whole body and they said, ‘you won’t want to disappoint your followers,” revealed the actress in an interview. The interpreter, now has 33 years, but when they began to shoot the series, in July of 2010, I was 22. The youth, lack of experience and the pressure ended up generándole a stress which led him to depend on alcohol. In fact, in 2016, told The Sun on these scenes: “All I need is vodka, a lighting flattering, and I’m ready”. In the alcohol also sheltered his companion Kit Harington, who after finishing Game of Thrones he was admitted in a clinic anti-stress to manage the problems that generated the fame and the pressure that he lived with his character.

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