Emilia Clarke replaces Amber Heard as Mera Aquaman in this awesome fan-art


MADRID, 24 May. (CulturaOcio) –

Amber Heard he made his debut in the role of Mera in Justice League. Even though his character only had a minor role in the film, later it gained prominence in Aquaman. Now there are many who suggest that the work of Heard in the saga could come to an end in the light of his legal battle with Johnny Depp, what has caused that some fans will look for a replacement.

Some rumors pointed to Heard had been fired from Aquaman 2, time in which the followers thought of Emilia Clarke as its replacement. To provide a rough idea of how it would look the star of Game of thrones in the role of Mera, a user of Instagram has posted a fan art of the actress characterized.

The picture published by @dcmarvel.rdm displays a character image original Heard to the left and a snapshot of Clarke with the red hair and the suit of scales green to the right.

Amber Heard accused of gender-based violence to Depp in 2018, leading to the dismissal of her ex-husband of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean. However, their legal battle has taken a turn of 180 degrees after the occurrence of a few audios where it is alleged that it has been proved that it was the actress who assaulted the interpreter.

The star has recently appeared in the series Apocalypse alongside Whoopi Goldberg and James Marsden. It is also preparing the movie Run Away with Me, currently in pre-production. For its part, the last work of Clarke was the tape Last Christmas.