Fans of Shaw Mendes assure you that wears the same suit of the past performances of the Grammys, but in another color


The singer Shawn Mendes captured the attention of all passing by on the red carpet for its elegance and because many of her fans and haters did focus on the design of his suit that apparently is the same that tends to take on the different performances of the Grammys, but only changes by tone.

Fans of Shawn Mendes assure you that wears the same suit

In social networks was not only a tendency also for their attire, but, because it came alone, without his partner, Camila Hair who often appears in public after the official confirmation of their romance. Both despite the fact that they were nominated in several categories prior have failed to make the famous gramophone, but still trend-setters by their looks.

Details of the costume of Shawn Mendes at the Grammys

The famous suit has a cut very male fitting to her slender body. This is to differentiate it with always details necklaces, or shirts always unbuttoned, but that would give you the youthful, fresh and very in the style of Mendes.

The vest can not miss in this outfit which has become its emblem, and that when you die you will like it so much that no doubt repeat it to their public appearances on the red carpet of the Grammys. However, this was not impediment to be qualified as one of the best dressed and stylish in this new edition.