Hailey Baldwin, and the drama behind his career as a model


Before being what it is now, the quoted model Hailey Baldwin had to overcome a great obstacle in his life: his own mind. This was revealed in an interview.

In a recent interview for the magazine Vogue Australia, the top model told her success story and he confessed that he felt inferior to see that their friends higher managed to work fast, while she didn’t have so many opportunities.

“I am lower than most of the girls. I am not a girl of the catwalk and I used to feel fully lower some of my friends. Look to Kendall (Jenner) and Bells (Bella Hadid)… all are high and do your best on the catwalks,” said Hailey.

“For a time, there was a part of me that I didn’t know if he could have the career that I wanted if I couldn’t go out to the gateway. Many people, as the casting directors, said: ‘we do Not believe that to be a real model’”, he added.

Despite the difficulties, Hailey is comforting to note that “found its way” to pose for photographers and to participate in other projects of the exhibition.

“I’m proud of myself for building a career that worked and have confidence in it. I have presented a program, I did important american campaigns and many other things that I really enjoyed. I sometimes feel that I’m still finding my way, but now I know that I’m going in the right direction,” he said.