Hailey Baldwin is unrecognizable with his change of look


It’s a good day for anyone that might have wondered as it looks Hailey Baldwin as brunette. The model, known for being a blonde, is actually a natural brunette, but despite that he has experimented with various styles, rarely re-visit their roots.

For his more recent work as a model, Baldwin he joined the magazine Interview for a session of photos where he appears wearing a wig chocolate brown. The court (very fashionable) is super strong and gives you a wet look. At first glance, you can hardly recognize Mrs. Bieber because it is extremely rare to see her without his usual lob rubio.

When it comes to determine if the haircut of a celebrity is real or not, many of them make us play the “Did they or didn’t they?”. Given that this hairstyle dramatically different appeared in a magazine and we saw Baldwin with blonde hair in his history of Instagram yesterday, your bob brown it is without doubt a wig.

Wig or not, in case anyone is wondering, you now know that Baldwin also looks amazing as a brunette, don’t you think?

Original Article: InStyle.com