Have you heard “Girl”? question Becky G


The american singer of reggaeton, Becky G, was questioned on Instagram if their followers had already heard the song “Girl” which has coupled to the cuban People of the Area.

“Have you heard #Girl?”, he wrote the young man who was recently chosen by People magazine in Spanish, among the “50 most beautiful”.

Immediately a wave of fans reacted affirmatively to the question in question, with comments such as: “Obviously, People zone, and Becky G’s explosive combination”, “Yes, OMG, I love it,” or “All the days”.

The singer had already written before in this same network that had a lot of fun doing the video of this song with the cubans.

While the guys of Cuba, sharing this Thursday, a video accompanied by a few words thanking the singer Becky G.

“It was a pleasure tremendous, doing those shots at the sea shore. It’s all an honor, have joined forces to bring you this beautiful production together with Becky G!”, wrote.

Although the video just premiered two weeks ago, the subject has already reached almost 8 million views on YouTube.