how long it’s going to be a woman guilty of their own misfortune?


“To those of you who have looked at those photos: you have perpetrated a sexual offense, and you should estremeceros of shame”. Is the holder that the megastrella of Hollywood Jennifer Lawrence launched in 2014 to the world when a few hackers breached its computer to distribute some photos in which he appeared to be naked. These images had been taken in your day for personal and exclusive use of their former spouse, but that did not stop to give the back to the planet. The video of the used IVECO that is, committed suicide last Saturday also it was for private consumption, but that didn’t stop the employees of the company distribuyesen indiscriminately through the mobile phone.

Last Thursday, the bullfighter Fran Rivera welcomed publicly the case of Veronica the following way: “it is Not in man to make viral a video as well, but the men are not able to have a video as well and not to teach”. Rivera also requested to all the women that you do not send videos of sexual content because “where they arrive are going to use it”.
Jennifer Lawrence also had its Fran Rivera. His 13 million followers on Twitter, the social network that you used Ricky Gervais to launch the following message: “Famous”. Make it more difficult for hackers to get pictures of yourself naked of your computer not keeping your nude photos in your computer”. As Rivera, Gervais put directly the finger of blame on the victim. And I was not alone. Will it endorsed the columnist specializing in technology The New York Times Nick Bilton. “Here is a list of tips for the celebrities whose nude photos have been leaked. 1. Not ye selfies naked. 2. Not ye selfies naked. 3. Not ye selfies naked”.
These messages extend the idea that the blame for women to be sexually exploited is women expressing themselves sexually in private and in contexts in which they have given their consent.

That idea, that the only guilty of the dissemination of sexual images in private is who the protagonist, is the one that leads to a situation of fear, helplessness and terror of the women who suffer an attack of such characteristics. That idea, that was the one that caused the break emotional of the employee of IVECO and is that Jennifer Lawrence attacked full on when he said: “To those of you who have looked at those photos: you have perpetrated a sexual offense, and you should estremeceros of shame”.

Of course, Jennifer Lawrence is a Hollywood star that has few resources to position themselves in front of the public, of which all have an anonymous worker at a factory of automotive. But incredible as it may seem, even for an actress to world-famous and multi-million dollar it is very difficult to defend publicly the responsibility of spreading a sex video private corresponds only and exclusively to the that extends the video private. Until recently, in the entertainment industry it was taken for granted that a woman who chooses to be sensual,- or sexual – in front of the cameras, you must endure with stoicism the violations of their privacy.
What he argued in a masterly columnist The Guardian Jessica Valenti on the occasion of the “scandal” Lawrence in an article entitled “The end of ‘the star that he is ashamed”. She remembered the case of Vanessa Hudgens who, at 18 years of age, when he was still a girl Disney, also suffered a leak of her nudes. Hudgens, pressured by their professional environment, was forced to issue a statement in which he asked forgiveness for having stopped to photograph and blamed herself for what happened. The exact words were, “I’ve had a lapse of judgment” and “I have learned the lesson.” In 2011 Scarlett Johansson happened something very similar, but was the first to change the trend. Did not apologize, but neither autoinculpó, thing that created some stir in the media. CBS actually considered news your posture. How do you dare to insinuate that she herself had no responsibility in their own misfortune?

Valenti said in that article, very hopefully, that “the dominant narratives about sexuality, consent and privacy have changed and the wrath of Lawrence is not only tolerated, but applauded”. The dominant narratives about sexuality, consent and privacy are still very much alive in Spain, where even at prime time someone freely puts the finger of shame on a victim of female sexual, with the argument that the masculine nature is indomitable.

But it’s not just men like Ricky Gervais or Fran Rivera that criminalize women for exercising their freedom. Perhaps something is failing in the criminal justice system?

When was the leaking of the video of the councilor Oblivion Hormigos, who had spread their images were left unpunished because there had been appropriated illegally from them: own Hormigos had past. At the time that illicit appropriation was a condition sine qua non to be considered a crime the distribution of the images. That is to say: the penal code came to say that if she had given the pictures to consumed private had to take charge of the consequences if it is finally made public.
California is a pioneer state in these challenges. In 2013 we became the first in the united States in criminalizing the pornovenganza, that is how it is known to the distribution of private photos on the Internet, typically by examantes or couples, for humillarlas.

It was the government of Mariano Rajoy, which was a change in the penal code and included as an offence the dissemination of unauthorized images or recordings to be intimate, regardless of whether they had been achieved with the consent of the victim or not. The problem in the case of Veronica is that the Criminal Code says that offences against privacy will be prosecuted if there is “a complaint of the aggrieved person”. She, unfortunately, you can no longer make that complaint.

Society yes you can fight with all their strength against such inertia on the perverse, for that never more a woman to feel guilty or ashamed for exercising your freedom, to work this into a movie set or in an assembly line. Here is a list of tips for those who spread photos or videos in private without consent: 1. Not ever. 2. Not ever. 3. Not ever. As he said Jennifer Lawrence : “I don’t have to apologize for anything. It is my body and do with it what I want”.