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Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin enjoy life without complications and proof of this are some videos that went up on the singer as stories in your account of Instagram.

In the above-mentioned videos, Justin Bieber shows of the comforts and luxuries of his “cave” and enjoying life without complications and with the company of the well-known model.

Even, in one of these videos can be seen at Hailey Baldwin lying on her bed and also the pet that you both have, which steals the limelight with fun movements that are held by their respective owners.

In another video, Justin Bieber also wanders a little in the comfortable room regardless of the mess that shows, such as clothing and shoes lying on the floor, which is not stressed to the wealthy couple.

Justin Bieber and his wife HaileyJustin Bieber and his wife Hailey.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

With respect to the timeliness of Justin Bieber, while the singer is away from the scenarios, and no plans next to bring out a new disk, this does not mean that you do not continue working in the field of music.

Recently, it became known that Bieber and Jaden Smith working on a project together. Both were caught coming out of a house in North Hollywood, California, and speculated about the recording of a video clip.

Added to this are the tweet that launched Jaden Smith, who met Justin Bieber when they prepared the main theme of the movie “Karate Kid”, “This new music video that I am about to share will show you how I really feel,” wrote the son of Will Smith.