It happened! Anuel accuses his followers of obscene and Karol G ago, that he should repent


Days ago they released the song that has echoed on YouTube, by a content rigged by the double meaning.

The ragman and reggaetonero Anuel AA has been involved in several controversialsince his arrest for possession of a firearm until his most recent rant on social networks, which are that ‘arden’ by the comments related to the letter reflected in the remix of ‘The baby’, single released a few days ago, and that counted with the collaboration of various exponents of the genre.

Next to the participation of the singer Cardi B, criticized in several comments by “provided for this explicit content”, it is considered “degrading” by the rigor of the more conservative; those who do play to your rhymes, don’t take ‘to heart’ and even come to viralise videos dancing with your letter in the social network Tik Tok.

On a recent date, he has been seen alongside his colombian girlfriend Karol G, having fun in your luxurious yachtin what appeared to be the feast of one of the friends of the couple. In one of the usual videos, controversial uploaded to your social network Instagram, you will observe Anuel AA and subtracting importance to the criticism and being bathed by the neogranadina with a full glass of milk.

“She asks me for milk but in addition to that eggs, bread, meat, to pay the rent, the car, the children to school and arrive at 8…” says a user in the video that already counts with more than 10 million reproductions!, posted by the YouTube channel of the production house ‘Flow The Movie’ where there is singing Black Jonas Point, Secreto & Liro Shaq.

Without a doubt, the sense of humor of the puerto rican is one of their personality traits more characteristic, and the main reason why many of his followers remain attentive to their new productions or its latest publications. It only remains to ask, with a view to the future now what is going to happen to Anuel?