Jason Momoa will star in vampire movie with Peter bad griesbach


The actor and american model Jason Momoa will become vampire for your new movie along with her partner Game of ThronesPeter bad griesbach, a change drastic enough to his other projects.

Jason Momoa and Peter bad griesbach are in talks with Legendary Pictures to star in a vampire movie entitled Good Bad and Undead, according to Variety.

Momoa, here would be interpreted to a vampire you don’t want to [email protected] to anyone else and he would join Van Helsing, who would be played by Peter Bad Griesbach.

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This story is based on an original idea by the scriptwriter and producer Mark Swift and the producer Damian Shannon.

We still don’t know great details about this production or when it would be released, but is expected to reach the end of next year.

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According to what is known, the film would appear as a type of fusion Escape at Midnight and the world of Bram Stoker.

Without doubt the followers of Jason Momoa would love to see him as a vampire, because they have love millions of people.

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The idea of seeing these actors together and on the big screen there is no doubt that has managed to cause a great excitement and intrigue among its fans.

It should be mentioned that Momoa is known for playing Aquaman in the Universe paving of DC Comics, in addition to participate in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, and in Justice league in 2017.

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But also managed to climb its fame thanks to his roles in television as Ronon Dex in the tv series Stargate Atlantisas Khal Drogo in the television series of HBO Game of Thrones and as Declan Harp in the series of Netflix Frontier.

However, to his beginnings not thought to enter the actionas in 1998, he was discovered by international designer Takeo and began her career as a model.