Jennifer Lawrence confesses why he decided to marry Cooke Maroney


Four months ago already, since the star of the saga ‘The Hunger Games’ and Cooke Maroney confirmed by the representative of the actress his decision to pass by the altar. And, recently, Jennifer Lawrence revealed why he decided to marry (coming soon) with Cooke Maroney.

And although the oscar-winning performer has not been animated yet to give too many details about when will the great event, in his last interview, he said that it will not be too long before it becomes in the wife of Maroney.

“He is the best person I have ever known in this worldso I feel very privileged to become a Maroney. Of truth that it is wonderful and each day I like more”, he has been assured by the interpreter 28 years in a conversation to your friend Catt Sadlerresponsible for podcast ‘Naked’. And it seems that this statement responds perfectly to the question: whatwhy Jennifer knew that she wanted to marry Cooke?

“Before you know it, I was not prepared to take a step as well, but as soon as I did I said to myself: ‘I want to marry with him as soon as possible’”added this celeb.

It is unknown for now whether the two lovers will opt for a link to civil or religious to seal your commitment for a lifetime, but what is certain is that the Hollywood star has made several references to the character “legal” of the future act and the “paperwork” with which they will have to deal both at the time of making effective their marriage.