Jennifer Lopez is not as natural as it seems: these are your touch-ups


Which is free from sin, in Hollywood, cast the first stone. No famous saves the temptation to undergo certain surgeries to enhance your natural beauty and Jennifer Lopez is no exception.

Although the actress and singer has one of the appearances more fresh, young and stunning stardom, the reality is that it has also made minor touch-ups, although, of course, also be vigilant for the gym and healthy food.

Jennifer Lopez Has a nose more streamlined than in the past. – Instagram

A great before and after

As well as the wine, JLo has also been looking better with the passing years. Not only has it been the evolution of fashion and makeup, experts also claim that there was some intervention from the hand of man.

According to the plastic surgeon Héctor Valdés for TVN, the interpreter of “On the floor” could have been subjected primarily to a procedure to be bleached skin.

Jennifer Lopez The artist shows different factions in the chin and the cheekbones. – Instagram

“It’s something that the Latin models of color and they make enough in the united States and is achieved by applying cosmetic products and home drug“, he explained.

In the same way he added “there is a use of botulinum toxin in the contour of the eyeswhen I was younger I had the eyebrows rounded down, and now are bowed-up”, a treatment that must be refreshed two times a year.

In opinion surgeon Stephen MulhollandJennifer Lopez also wanted to give more expressiveness to your face through non-invasive treatments.

“Your face looks a little more oval than I remember, so maybe there’s a strategic use of fillers in the top of the cheekbone, a bit of filler for lips, a strategic use of botox to make his eyes more noticeable open“said the specialist.

However, as with Am Carmine, yes, it has had a contact with the knife in a breast augmentation, a rhinoplasty and a chin to have a face that is asymmetrical.

Whatever be his methods, that gives us the secret because its 50 years old it looks beautiful.

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