Jennifer Lpez confes quin is the man who showed up at his selfie from the gym


Shortly after that Jennifer Lpez post on your social networks a picture of herself after a workout and while you appear at the in front of the mirror in his gym, with hair dishevelled and a suit to do sport quite ceido itself, the mystery of the man who came out in the selfie that turned the whole world was settled finally, after a few polmicas statements that gave the same artist.

And is that the intention of the interpreter Jenny from the Block seemed to be to motivate the most loyal fans that do exercise, even in quarantine, you will be able to be the solution of many of their problems. But what happened was the opposite when their fanticos managed to warn almost at a glance that behind her appears a man who was not her fiancé, the former baseball player lex Rodrguez, so that the polmica not made to wait.

A source close to the singer stated that it was ms that, due to that your office is united to the gym and separated just by a curtain. Each time you make video calls, these are projected onto a wall so quite extended. So, unlike what decan fans Jennifer Lpezit was her boyfriend, who was with a t-shirt of blue color.

In fact, this situation was exposed and confirmed by the same singer during an interview with Jimmy Fallon. Lpez explained during the program that the man that was all so nearly incgnita it was a representative agent of real races with that Rodrguez was participating in a conversation of zoom. All in all, his followers still cuestionndose the accuracy of this information.