Kanye West and the splendid gift to Kim Kardashian than anyone had imagined


Now yes that Kanye West wore!, gave an incredible gift to his beloved Kim Kardashian, and no, it does not cost millions of dollars and is something that any man could give to his wife.

The beautiful socialite has been relined with the studies, their businesses and the care of their 4 children so Kanye gave him a gift that many would wish for: a respite of three days.

The brand new husband of Kim, took their children on a journey of three days, all for mom to rest and take a breath in this quarantine.

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According to shared E!the singer appreciated so much that the entrepreneur does these days that have been loaded over their work and decided to give it a rest.

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The rapper went with their small children Wyoming, he shared the famous page of entertainment, who says the trip occurred the week to 24 April.

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They needed a change of scene and he wanted to give Kim a break from the chaos at home. Having four children at home all the time can be a lot.

The source confessed that both of them are working very hard and they take turns to care for their children, but also to rest.