Karol G launched a version in the house of “Tusa” to accompany his followers

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Tusa, success we did understand this disgust and sadness it feels at the end of a romantic relationship, now has their version of quarantine.

Karol G released a record on which he plays Tusa along with all the women in your team, a video released by his official photographer Felipe Orvi.

Thank you to my dancers and my band for joining me in this we did to you”, wrote the colombian artist in one of his stories of Instagram in which he shared the record.

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In this new version of the song, ad-hok for times of pandemic, it sees the singer with a sweatshirt in front of a background of a sky and clouds. All this while her fellow dancers and give account of their work from their homes.

In addition, the video includes some records of live performances by Karol G.

However, who does not appear is the american singer Nicky Minajwho is only shown as a sticker.

The video has accumulated more than 660 thousand views on YouTube, where it reached number 18 of the trends. Also, Instagram adds more than 2 and a half million reproductions.

Watch the video here:

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